Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer, Playlist, August 29, 2020

Venus Star Point and the transiting Venus in your natal chart.

In this episode Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer talked about the Venus Star Point and all things Venus.  The Venus Star Point correlates to your life’s true purpose, your unique talents and special gifts to the world. 

Anastasia is a professional astrologer for over 25 years and professional counselor and mental health clinician. She teaches astrology and provides astrological consultations. Her style encompasses various methods of astrology such as Esoteric, Evolutionary, Medieval and Modern Astrology. She also offers birth chart readings , compatibility charts, etc..

Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer

Playlist for Saturday, August 29, 2020

  • Bjork- All is Full of Love
  • Chrysta Bell, David Lynch-Angel Star 
  • Interview with Anastasia Cosmic Astrologer  (Click to hear the interview)
  • The The- Love is Stronger than Death
  • Cocteau Twins- Rilkean Heart ( Acoustic)
  • Black Needle Noise- She Talks to Angels, featuring Anjela Piccard (Black Crowes)
  • The Maheekats- Money Bunny ( John Fryer Remix)
  • Stella Wembley- Images of Death (Remix)
  • ReMission International – TOS 2020 (Beholden to the Front Line Workers of the World Mix)
  • Azam Ali- Love is a Labyrinth
  • Clan of Xymox- Venus (Bananarama)
  • Dream Academy- The Love Parade (US Version)