Alternative Rock Musician and Actor Rob Munk Releases “Phased Out”

"Phased Out" album will be released via Montclair, New Jersey based Magic Door record label

“Phased Out” is a record that somehow comes out of nowhere from an artist that has been almost everywhere. This is modern rock that respects people’s emotional intelligence. With elements of 1990’s and 2000’s indie rock and traces of 1970’s AM pop, this is music that respects people’s emotional intelligence.

Playlist For Saturday, February 18, 2023

  • Rob Munk- Amazon
  • Rob Munk- The Ghost of San Francisco
  • Interview with Rob Munk
  • Rob Munk- Phased Out 
  • Rob Munk- Homemade
  • Rob Munk- Youth (Radio Edit)
  • Rob Munk- Slumber
  • Elk City- A Family
  • Gramercy Arms, Featuring Renee Lobue- Yesterday’s Girl
  • The Yets- Remember Me
  • Karamelian- Wait  For Me
  • J.E.S.S.- Siren
  • Divine Shade- Stars
  • Distance H, Featuring Liset Alea- Reason To Rush
  • Lisa Hammer- Samsara
  • The Noise Who Runs- Little Black Cloud
  • Aurelio Voltaire- Safe In Your Love
  • The Bedroom Witch- Venus
  • Shrine of Reflection- Child Of The World
  • Suburban Spell-Feel No More (Robots In Love Remix)
  • Decommissioned Forest- A Comforting Uncertainty -(Duncan Perry Remix)
  • Plasmata and Ben Christo with Aly Jados- You Call Him The Devil (Ten Bells-Christo Version)