Alternative Post-Punk Duo TheBellwether Syndicate

The Bellwether Syndicate released their album Vestige and Virgil on Sett Records and Nexilis Records Schubert Music Europe.

Formed in Chicago, Illinois, The Bellwether Syndicate consist of  William Faith (Vox, guitars), Sarah Rose Faith (Vox, guitars), Philly Peroxide (Keyboards, percussions), Stevyn Grey (drums) and Corey Gorey (Guitars). Producer, William Faith is formerly of several seminal goth acts such as Christian Death, Mephisto Waltz, Shadow Project and co- founder of Faith And The Muse. Sarah Rose Faith also known as DJ Scary Lady Sarah, one of Chicago’s most eminent DJs is also a club promoter and host of the longest -running goth event in North America called Nocturna.

Playlist For Saturday, April 29, 2023

  • The Bellwether Syndicate- And If We Miss The Night
  • The Bellwether Syndicate- Vestige
  • Interview with The Bellwether Syndicate
  • The Bellwether Syndicate- Golden Age
  • The Bellwether Syndicate- Clarion
  • The Bellwether Syndicate- Dystopian Mirror
  • The Bellwether Syndicate- We All Rise
  • The Bellwether Syndicate- Virgil
  • Plasmata- Leviathan (William Faith Leviathaneurysm Remix)
  • The Yets- Letter To A Boy
  • Karamelien- Ascension Heights (Top Topham)
  • Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell- Noyalain (Burn- Live in Porto)
  • Delerium, Featuring Mimi Page -Falling Back To You
  • The Flowers Of Hell- Foray Through Keshakhtaran
  • Withered Hand- How To Love
  • Suburban Spell- Bright Gold Cross
  • Girls Under Glass- Dream Yourself Away
  • Skeletal Family- What Are You Waiting For ?
  • Lucy Kruger And The Lost Boys- Tender
  • The 3 Clubmen- Aviatrix
  • Mari Dangerfield- I Like
  • Martin Saint , Featuring Ursa Minor- I’ll Be Your Stranger