Alternative Indie Rockers From Toronto, Canada- ON

ON creates sonic guitar-based landscapes and is centered around the undeniable chemistry of its core members: Lucy Di Santo (vocals, bass), Dan Cornelius (drums) and Steve Fall (guitars).

The alternative, indie rocker trio from Toronto called ON released their self-titled album on September 16, 2022 via Indiestructible Records.

Always pushing forward with an eye on the rear-view mirror, ON pays homage to its roots in timeless classics, post-punk, grunge, old-school funk and 90s college rock. Well-crafted songs with an attention to arrangement, groove and performance a la carte, ON’s music connects with an audience seeking out impactful and genre-defying music.




Playlist For Saturday, September 17, 2022

  • ON- Break You
  • ON- Blackmail
  • Interview with ON: Lucy Di Santo, Steve Fall and Dan Cornelius 
  • ON- Underdog
  • ON- Soul killer
  • ON- FLA
  • ON-Hereafter
  • ON-Try
  • A Shoreline Dream- Alarms Stop Ringing
  • Junksista- Rock Bottom
  • Black Nite Crash- The Take
  • Black Angel- Take Me Down (Suburban Spell Remix)
  • Pure Obsessions and Red Nights- As It Shines In the Sky
  • Julian Shah-Tayler and Arden and the Wolves- At The End of Time
  • Alice- Drown
  • Stella Wembley- Loving the Alien
  • Dispel- Flames of Greed
  • Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci-  Fallen
  • CARV.R, featuring Casey Desmond- HVRT
  • NOISE- Automatic (Ree-Vo Remix)