Adrian Workman and Shane Te Kawenata Bradbrook of New Zealand’s postpunk band Vietnam

Vietnam Released their new album called "This Quiet Room" on January 2022 after their lead single and video, "What Have I done?" premiered in September 2021.

Formed in the Wellington, New Zealand in 1981 the young four piece VIETNAM notably featured two members of Ngāti Kahungunu: vocalist Shane Te Kawenata Bradbrook, and bassist/songwriter Adrian Workman; alongside co-founder/co-writer and guitarist PeteDransfield, and drummer Leon Reedijk. The original four piece immediately disbanded upon the release of the Vietnam EP (Jayrem Records, 1985).Thirty years later, the eponymous EP was rediscovered by bloggers, YouTubers, and record collectors in the US and Europe, becoming widely hailed as a “lost classic” of New Zealand music. In late 2016, Spanish label BFE Records reissued Vietnam as a full-length LP, with the addition of bonus archival live and demo tracks. After a successful reunion concert in February 2017, the Band stayed together to create a new album called “This Quiet Room.”

Playlist For Saturday, June 18, 2022

  • Vietnam- Behind the Paintings
  • Vietnam- Victory
  • Interview with Shane Te Kawenata Bradbrook and Adrian Workman of Vietnam
  • Vietnam- In Another Desert
  • Vietnam- Truth Vs. Love
  • Vietnam- Where Is My Happiness?
  • Vietnam- Another Day
  • Telefis- Falun Gong Dancer with Jah Wobble
  • Lisa Gerrard and Marcello De Francisci- Until we Meet Again
  • Attasalina- A Reason (To Be Alive)
  • Vaselyne- Love Failed To Save Me
  • Rohn-Lederman- Cry
  • Luscious Apparatus- Bricks and Bones
  • Jah Wobble and The Ukrainians- Ukrainian National Anthem In Dub, Featuring Jon Klein
  • Girls Under Glass- Night Kiss
  • Front Line Assembly- Purge (Black Asteroid Mix)
  • Decommissioned Forests- Ants Part 1 Base