“A Cloud of Ravens,” New Album Called Lost Hymns

Formed in 2018 by Matthew McIntosh and Beth Narducci

Alternative rock duo A Cloud of Ravens’ latest album is called “Lost Hymns” via Nexilis Records/ Schubert Music Europe. The album is mastered by Actors’ Jason Corbett at the Jackknife Sound Studio in Vancouver. 


Playlist For Saturday, March 4, 2023

  • A Cloud of Ravens- The Earthen Call (Actor’s Remix)
  • A Cloud of Ravens- Blackest Mantra
  • Interview with  A Cloud of Ravens- Matthew McIntosh and Beth Narducci.
  • A Cloud of Ravens- Requiem For The Sun
  • A Cloud of Ravens- Sacrosanct (John Fryer Remix)
  • A Cloud of Ravens-World On Fire (Clan of Xymox)
  • A Cloud of Ravens- Nature of Artifice 
  • A Cloud of Ravens- Sympathy For The Devil- (The Rolling Stones)
  • A Cloud of Ravens- When It Comes
  • Meersein- Lost 
  • Antipole and Paris Alexander- Perceptions
  • Paris Alexander, featuring Eileen- The Void (Featuring Antipole)
  • Martin Saint- Scenes From Cars
  • Gramercy Arms- It’s Hard Not To Love You
  • Jessie Kilguss- Wuthering Heights (Kate Bush)
  • Delerium, Featuring Phildel- Coast to Coast 
  • Sequential Zero- It’s Not About You
  • Quiz Show- Always Waiting
  • Pennies By The Pound- The End Times
  • BIKE- O Torto Santo
  • Jean Marc Lederman, featuring Emileigh Rohn- The Music Walks Again (The Robert Johnson Story )
  • Attrition- The Switch (Infuse Mix By Y-Luk-O)
  • The Bedroom Witch- In This City