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"...that which is not slightly distorted lacks sensible appeal: from which follows that irregularity-that is to say, the unexpected, surprise and astonishment, are an essential part and characteristic of beauty." - Charles Baudelaire


DJ Nocturna started in radio over 15 years ago on Public Radio 90.1 FM. Currently, DJ Nocturna hosts the Feast of Friends Radio Show on KTUH 90.1 FM from 6-9pm every Saturday!


Miss Vamp Hawaii, the Reality Show premiered on Saturday, July 27, 2013 on KFVE. The Miss Vamp Hawaii show was the first vampire beauty pageant reality show to be filmed in Hawaii.

Live Events

DJ Nocturna is a dedicated promoter in the art, music and cultural scene in Honolulu, she is the creator and producer of Miss Vamp Hawaii Beauty Pageant and Count Dracula Hawaii.

BACK TO SCHOOL and 80s Pop Muzik presents LIVE MUSIC featuring THE BOUGIES – Saturday, AUGUST 29, 2015

BACK TO SCHOOL and 80s Pop Muzik present LIVE MUSIC

BACK TO SCHOOL and 80s Pop Muzik is happy to present LIVE MUSIC in the month of August featuring THE BOUGIES

Date: Saturday, AUGUST 29, 2015
Place: BAR 35 (35 N. Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii)
Time: 9pm- 2am
Cover: $5 / age: 21+

The Bougies will be featuring a new setlist paying a tribute to Grunge, the 90s, Alternative and the 80s. They will also be paying their original music, cover tunes and more.
Mistress of Ceremony…
Lana Saldania 
DJ Nocturna
DJ Rhombus

The Bougies are an indie garage pop band originally from Honolulu. Established in 2011, they started off as a brother-sister duo with Jordan Bongolan as vocalist and guitarist and Kelly Bongolan on the drums. Wanting a fuller sound, they blossomed into a 4 piece band with the addition of Joy Furushima (bass) and Josh Gonzales (lead guitarist) and have refined their sound into what has been described as, “Pop Rocks; sweet with a bite!” They’ve been compared to bands such as The Strokes and Best Coast, with Jordan’s vocals being likened to Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins.They have also performed and opened up for 80s icon Adam Ant in 2013 when he performed at the Republik and they will be opening up for the indie pop band, Echosmith, performing live at the Republik on August 5, 2015. We hope you can join us on Saturday August 29 at BAR 35 for this special new set list ! Thank you for your continued support !

80s Pop Muzik presents A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER, THE 80s ZOMBIE PROM – Saturday, September 26, 2015

80s Pop Muzik presents A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER

80s Pop Muzik presents A NIGHT TO DISMEMBER, THE 80s ZOMBIE PROM featuring live music by the rock band BLACK ROSE. The band goes on at around 10:30 so don’t be late !

Date: Saturday, September 26, 2015
Place: BAR 35 (35 N. Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii)
Time: 9pm- 2am
Cover: $5 / age: 21+
For info:

With Mistress of Ceremony, Lana Saldania
Spinning the best of 80s, New Wave, dark 80s, Rock and more are resident DJs: DJ Nocturna and DJ Rhombus…

Bring your date, bring your friends and come Pretty in Pieces and horrifyingly handsome. Enter the Zombie Undead Contest ! Win $100 CASH for the most original corpse, most popular, Undead Living Couple. You must be undead to enter. Get your 80s prom photos taken. There will be a photo booth station.. so won’t you crack a smile for the camera?

For more info:

Thank you to Black Rose, Miss Vamp Hawaii, Paragon Hawaii Gallery, Universal Art, Camera Obscura, Nephilim Halls and Bar 35

Black Rose is a fun lovin, Rock/Metal band that began their journey back in the late 80s and have recently reformed after many years in hiatus. They mysteriously were reunited to become the new and improved Black Rose of today. The band’s musical arsenal consists of covers of many of the well recorded names in musical history ranging from… Thin Lizzy, Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Dio, Dokken, Journey, Mr. Big, Kiss, Van Halen, The Cult, Ratt, Motley Crue Just to name a few!

This is BLACK ROSE……
Allen Uehara – Vocalist, Key Boardest & Guitarist,
Weylen Kishimoto – Bass Guitarist,
Rick “Judge Shredder” Gonsales – Lead Guitarist
Robert “Bob” Wilson ­ Drummer

To book Black Rose, contact manager, Carol Pohina at

If you haven’t witnessed the judgment then you have No pulse. Black Rose is very excited to be ROCKIN’ for you all and performing once again.


80s Pop Muzik presents: “England is Mine and it owes me a living” Featuring THE SMYTHS – Saturday, July 25, 2015

A tribute to the SMITHS

80s Pop Muzik presents: “England is Mine and it owes me a living” Featuring THE SMYTHS, a tribute to the SMITHS


Date: Saturday, July 25, 2015
Place: BAR 35 (35 N. Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii)
Time:  9pm- 2am
Cover: $5 / age: 21+

With Mistress of Ceremony Lana Saldania
Spinning the best of 80s music: DJ Nocturna and DJ Rhombus

For more info:

Thank you to Miss Vamp Hawaii, Paragon Hawaii Gallery, Universal Art, Camera Obscura, Nephilim Halls and Bar 35
With roots stretching as far as the industrial north of Britain, Japan and Portland, Oregon, The Smyths are an international collective of musicians who formed to honor the legacy of The Smiths – one of the most important bands of the past 30 years who formed in Manchester in 1982.  Michel Roy handles guitar and lead vocals, Andy from Manchester is on bass and Scott Culbertson plays drums.   One-of-a-kind artisanal silk-screened merchandise will be available at the show for purchase.


The Smiths formed in Manchester in 1982 and the world has never been the same since. The band consisted of vocalist Morrissey; guitarist Johnny Marr; bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce. Critics have called them the most important alternative rock band to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980s. Simon Goddard of Q Magazine said in 2007 that The Smiths were “the one truly vital voice of the ’80s”, “the most influential British guitar group of the decade” and the “first indie outsiders to achieve mainstream success on their own terms”. The NME named the Smiths the “most influential artist ever” in a 2002 poll, even topping The Beatles.
The group signed to the independent record label Rough Records and released four studio albums, The Smiths (1984), Meat is Murder (1985), The Queen is Dead (1986) and Strangeways, here we come (1987). Four of their albums, including three studio albums, appeared on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. They have also released several compilations, and numerous non-LP singles.

80s Pop Muzik welcomes the collaboration of The SMYTHS and their special tribute to The SMITHS on Saturday, July 25, 2015 at BAR 35. Please join us ! 

80s Pop Muzik, DJ Nocturna and Lana Saldania presents Live music featuring Quadraphonix – Saturday, June 27, 2015

Quadraphonix Flyer

Date: Saturday, June 27, 2015
Place: BAR 35 (35 N. Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii)
Time: 9pm- 2am
Cover: $5 / age: 21+

With Mistress of Ceremony Lana Saldania Spinning the best of 80s music: DJ Nocturna and DJ Rhombus

We are very excited to have Quadraphonix as our next live music for the June 27, 2015 show at BAR 35.

For more info:

Thank you to Miss Vamp Hawaii, Paragon Hawaii Gallery, Universal Art, Camera Obscura, Nephilim Halls and Bar 35.


Quadraphonix believe that music from all around the world is inter-related as people and cultures are. A band that specializes in improvisational music that takes form as they play it live, their music is based on the theory of free form jazz, which is freedom of

musical expression. Within this expression, they showcase cultural music from their live experiences and their ancestry. Fusing Indian, Malaysian, Middle Eastern and Latin music with Western styles of Jazz, Blues and Funk is what they do best.

Quadraphonix has opened up for Grammy winners and nominees such as Black Eyed Peas and the Salsa Funksters, Ozomatli and Japanese Punk Ska group Kemuri at Club Chitta in Japan.

They have shared the stage with virtuosos such as Ukulele sensations Jake Shimabukuro and Taimane Gardner. In 2014, Quadraphonix joined forces with singer/song writer and poet, Iyeoka. This collaboration has taken them all over Europe and Asia. In the summer of 2014, Quadraphonix opened shows in Europe for artist such as Robert Plant and Blues Brothers for audiences up 20 thousand. They just returned from their Europe tour.

Band Profile

Jonathan Heraux on drums and percussions – from New York, Panama, Haiti and Hawaii

Jonathan is the creator of this group and functions as the musical director of the band. Born in New York but has traveled and lived in many countries including Panama, Haiti and Germany during his childhood as well as during his time serving in the US Army. Influenced heavily by Buddy Rich and Gene Kruppa, he brings a strong Jazz as well as Latin influence to the group. His knowledge of playing the appropriate music for any given environment has earned him the respect of many in the music community in Hawaii as the “mood music specialist”

Shree Sadagopan on Guitar / Electric Sitar / Stand up bass – Penang, Malaysia

Born and raised in Penang Malaysia, Shree brings his rich ethnic influences of Malaysia and his deep rooted south Indian cultural music to the mix of this collaborative genre. In addition to that, his 22 years of living in Hawaii has introduced him to Classic American Blues, Jazz and Funk. His biggest influence in music is no other than the legendary Carlos Santana, also Ravi Shankar and the styles of Police guitarist Andy Summers. Putting this all together he creates a psychedelic guitar sounds that is picked, strummed and bowed.

Eli Clemens on Congas and percussions – Waimanalo, Hawaii

An experienced and hard hitting conga player, Eli trained for over 10 years with Sango, a Broadway veteran of the congas and percussions. He brings the sound of Afro-Cuban percussive rhythms to the danceable tunes of Quadraphonix. He also has learned some chants from Africa that goes along with some of the 6/8 African rhythms that he chants and plays.

Aaron Friedman on Bass

Aaron Friedman is a bassist and recording engineer/producer who lives in Honolulu, HI. In addition to performing live for audiences around the US, he has performed in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Europe. Born and raised in Oakland, CA, Aaron’s first musical love was classic hip hop, which motivated him to begin creating beats with a Roland MC-303. Inspired by the mid-90’s Bay Area hip hop sounds which often featured live instrumentation; he began to teach himself to play bass, guitar and keyboard. The bass quickly became his main instrument due to a natural affinity for creating baselines. With age, his music interests diversified as he sought out the roots of the hip-hop beats he grew up with. This lead to him becoming engrossed in funk and reggae, and he began playing shows around the San Francisco Bay Area.



TIME: 9pm-2am
PLACE: ELEVEN 44 (1144 Bethel St)
Cover: $5 / Age: 21+


Enter the Costume Contest for the most original costume . Win Cash prize. More details to come !

Miss Vamp Hawaii presents the 5th Annual Venetian Mask Ball with Mistress of Ceremony, Lana Saldania and an great line up of djs spinning the best of goth, industrial, EBM, dark electro, dark 80s, 80s, darkwave and more:

DJ Nocturna
DJ Native Girl
DJ Night Fox
DJ Du Nord
DJ Dark Cloud


A special solo performance by PSYCHE OF PSYCHE CORPORATION. Psyche Corporation is based from New York City, a dark fairytale electro rock music project named after a dream manufacture group from a future where widespread neural implants have allowed people to jack their nerve endings directly into the internet and download dreams. Songs deal in dystopian themes as well as the surreal psychological landscapes of sleeping minds. The musical style spans genres; a recent song has mixed tribal singing with classical piano while embedding poliovirus DNA into its percussion. Their sound is best described as a mix of trip-hop electro-industrial rock and alternative world music.

Psyche Corp. is a favorite amongst north eastern steampunk conventions/events, renaissance festivals, gothic balls, and anime-friendly conventions. Notably, they’ve performed at Dracula’s Ball in Philadelphia for their Halloween 2011 event, Fan EXPO (which annually draws about 60,000 patrons) in Toronto as the headlining musical guest for their steampunk programming in August 2010, and Dances of Vice’s Comic-Con afterparty in 2011. They’ve also performed at every Wicked Faire since 2009 (this is an annual combination alt pagan scifi renaissance faire convention in NJ that currently draws about 3,000 or more patrons per year), and every Steampunk World’s Fair since the first iteration in 2010. They’ve also become regulars at Arisia (sci fi con in Boston, MA) and TempleCon (sci fi con in Warwick, RI). More recently, Psyche Corp. was the headlining musical act for Ikkicon (a major anime convention) in Austin, TX for December 2012. Their performances as of 2012 have received film coverage by the Discovery Channel and Travel Channel, among others.


Disco music is funk with a bow tie. —Fred Wesley, James Brown’s trombonist.


Time: 8pm to 2am
Place: JAZZ MINDS (1661 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, Hi )
Cover: $5/ 21+


Featuring revolving DJs :


“Do It Till You’re Satisfied,” first began on February 24, 2009 at Indigo on Bethel St. Created by Lana Saldania and DJ Nocturna, the event started promptly at 6pm with djs, live bands, drink specials and a dance contest.

It was a time when music, clubs and fashion were at its finest. When dancing was an art form and people dressed up to go out. It was a time when dress codes were strictly enforced. It was Studio 54, Andy Warhol, Copacabana.. It was evolutionary, it was revolutionary ! It was the age of disco and this time period that made night clubs a venue and a place to be seen on the dance floor, when couples actually matched their outfits, where slow dancing was possible and appreciated. The music and the lyrics reflected the passion on the dance floor and the people who engaged in such an artistic time of dance culture.

Do It Till You’re Satisfied is back every third Wednesday of the month beginning at 8pm at Jazz Minds featuring the best in DANCE PARTY MUSIC, DISCO, 80s, DEEP FUNK, FUNKY GROOVES, VINTAGE SOUL, R&B AND VINYL SELECTIONS TAKING YOU BACK…. So get your dancing shoes on and groove right up on the dance floor at Jazz Minds… whether you’re just leaving work or you’re just waking up, come on down when the club opens at 8pm. There will be drinks specials and Pupus all night long and some of the best DJs sure to shake your booty !


80s Pop Muzik and Miss Vamp Hawaii present Live Music featuring STINK EYE – Saturday, May 30, 2015


80s Pop Muzik and Miss Vamp Hawaii present Live Music featuring STINK EYE

Date: Saturday, May 30, 2015
Place: BAR 35 (35 N. Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii)
Time: 9pm- 2am
Cover: $5 / age: 21+

Featuring Mistress of Ceremony Lana Saldania and DJ Nocturna and DJ Rhombus playing the best of the 80s and 90s. Come on down and also join us and celebrate the birthday of KTUH’s DJ Native Girl.

After the 80s came the 90s and we wouldn’t be here today without good memories of the music and the bands that made the 90s a special decade.

The 90s didn’t come too soon with techno, house, hip hop, grunge and alternative rock taking over the airwaves. Technotronic, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, C+C Music Factory, Pearl Jam, the Smashing Pumpkins, Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, Hole, Bush, Stone Temple Pilots, Oasis, Live, CandleBox, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Tool and Nirvana are just some of the bands that defined the 90s.

As a tribute to the 90s, we invited local rockers STINK EYE to help us remember the 90s.

Before Stinkeye, there was Steppenstone, a 70’s-80’s classic rock band. Later their singer Stu, decided to change their name to Stinkeye. This was six years ago and since then they have evolved with a solid full band with current members and a female lead singer. With strong vocals, guitars, slammin’ drums and a killer bass groove, Stinkeye will be playing your favorite 80’s, 90’s and modern dance rock hits!

-Kevin Rost (drums) Stinkeye, Desert Sea, Sirens Call
-Cassie Fillhart (lead vocal, keys) Stinkeye, Erin Smith band
-Matt Mcpherson (bass) Stinkeye, Desert Sea, Erin Smith band
-Brian Mikami (guitar, vocals) Stinkeye, Desert Sea

Thank you to Miss Vamp Hawaii, Camera Obscura, Universal Art, Paragon Hawaii Gallery, Nephilim Halls and Bar 35.


Taimane Gardener

Saturday, April 25, 2015
BAR 35 (35 N. Hotel Street, Honolulu, Hawaii)
Time: 9pm-2am
Showtime : 10:30 pm
Cover: $5 / age: 21+


Special performance by TAIMANE GARDNER.

Spinning the best of the 80s, dark 80s, New Wave, rock 80s, early industrial, synthpop and more are DJ NOCTURNA, DJ RHOMBUS with Mistress of Ceremony LANA SALDANIA.


80s Pop Muzik and Miss Vamp Hawaii are proud to present ukulele virtuoso TAIMANE GARDNER. Taimane will be performing a very special dark 80s, 80s, 80s rock and classic rock set. We hope you can join us for this very special event up close and personal on the stage of Bar 35.


Taimane invokes the Duende in her music, the theme of DJ Nocturna’s A Feast of Friends on KTUH. According to Federico Garcia Lorca in his lecture in 1933 called “the Play and Theory of the Duende”, the duende is the spirit of evocation. It comes from inside as a physical/emotional response to art. It is what gives you chills, makes you smile or cry as a bodily reaction to an artistic performance that is particularly expressive, such as in music and dance, especially flamenco. ‘The duende is not in the throat; the duende climbs up inside you, from the soles of the feet.’

The Duende is the dark creative inspiration in art, poetry, literature, music and dance. Nick Cave said “All love songs must contain duende for the love song is never truly happy. It must first embrace the potential for pain. The love song must resonate with the whispers of sadness and the echoes of grief …within the fabric of the love song, within its melody, its lyric, one must sense an acknowledgement of its capacity for suffering….”

About Taimane Gardner

Since the age of 5, Taimane Gardner has mastered the art of playing the ukulele that by the time she was 15 years old international corporations like IBM, Pepsi, Wells Fargo, Jeep, Zenith, Fujitsu, and Toyota have hired Taimane to perform at their events. She has grown into an international artist and has performed throughout the world including NY, Paris, LA, Napa, Catalina, Vegas, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Canada, Alaska, Seattle, Samoa, New Zealand, Tahiti, Chicago & more. She has performed at private functions for John Travolta, Kelly Preston, Steven Seagull, Chicago, Chris Issac, Jimmy Buffett and more.

Whether delicately finger-picking through Bach or radically ripping through Led Zeppelin, Taimane has the ability to morph genres- form Classical to Rock to flamenco- and to stretch her instrument far beyond the familiar melodies of Hawai’i, where she grew up. Her fingers fly and her body dances in a whirlwind of skill and sensuality leaving audiences gaping with amazement. Listeners will be riveted by the artistry of her technique and the tapestry of her styling. They will come to understand why Taimane is lighting up the industry.

Taimane was selected among hundreds of musicians to perform for the Dalai Lama at the “Pillars of Peace” conference. She has evolved into a multi-talented musician and a producer of “Theatrical Music”, creating full productions of “Circus Freak”, “Mad House” and “Taimane’s Universe”. She recently released her latest album “We are made of Stars.”

Thank you to Universal Art, Camera Obscura, Miss Vamp Hawaii, Count Dracula Hawaii, Nephilim Halls, Paragon Hawaii Gallery and Bar 35

Prior to April 25, 2015. Taimane will be talking to DJ Nocturna and Lana Saldania on A Feast of Friends Radio Show KTUH 90.3 FM on Saturday, April 18, 2015 (6pm-9pm).