4th Annual Hawaii Horror Ball presents UK’s ATTRITION – September 29-30, 2017

The 4th ANNUAL HAWAII HORROR BALL Presents UK’s ATTRITION performing live in Honolulu, Hawaii

Atttrition playing next door and Anna O'Brien

Friday, September 29, 2017 at Next Door (43 North Hotel St.)

9pm-2am | 21+ |

$15 in advance    | $20 DoorIf you purchased advance tickets, please show a copy of your receipt at the door



Featuring live music by England’s ATTRITION

One of the pioneers of Electronica | Dark wave | Industrial music.

With Special Performance by the beautiful MALIA DELAPENIA

Also featuring a HORROR FASHION SHOW with original designs and models. Also music by DJ NOCTURNA, DU NORD and NIGHT FOX.

Also costume contest, Winner $100 cash for most original costume.


___________The Following Night____________


Saturday, September 30, 2017 at Anna O’Briens ( 2440 S. Beretania S.t )

9pm -2am | 21+ | $10 door


The event will feature an EXCLUSIVE DJ PERFORMANCE by ATTRITION, Dark Cloud, Dat Mot & Missy Black.

Also A SPECIAL LIVE PERFORMANCE by Toronto based, SUBTERRANEA (symphonic blackgaze/dungeon synth) and QUEEN WITCH (witch house) First time in Hawaii to feature live music in the genre of Witch House.
Subterranea is a music from under the ground: haunting, possessing, earthly, with the sound that has a body and a voice of its own.Darkness and primordial, underground spaces like caves, underground lakes and stone-laden paths is where Subteranea project finds its roots and inspiration.

Cold, wet reverberated vocals, damp and throbbing drum beats, reflective, aerial and hollow synths and distorted, earthly bass lay the foundation of the sound that you hear in your strangest dreams.

Qvveen VVitch is a project stemming from the heart of dark forests, shamanic visions, nightmares and cautionary tales.

The Hawaii Horror Ball would like to invite all fans in Horror, whether in film, novels, comic books etc..The Hawaii Horror Ball was launched in 2014 following the first horror ball, the Portland Horror Ball founded by DJ Non.

Special thanks to DJ Non of Portland, Oregon/Decadents Events, founder of Portland Horror Ball, Conor Pierce  http://www.rockstarhawaii.com, Sal Diaz/ Chaos Inc,  https://www.facebook.com/Milennium.Hawaii/  http://nephilimhalls.com/ and Comic Con Honolulu.




ATTRITION are pioneers in a darker electronica. Formed in 1980 in Coventry, England, influenced by a mix of punk ideology and experimental art aesthetics, they emerged as part of the early ’80’s UK Industrial scene alongside contemporaries Coil, Test Department, Legendary Pink Dots, In The Nursery, Portion Control et al, Chris & Cosey, Cabaret Voltaire and more.

Attrition through a 35 year career, fuelled by a succession of critically acclaimed albums…a selling over 100,000 to date. The band has regularly toured Europe, North America and South America, Russia and Asia, appeared at major festivals and had their music included on a number of TV and film soundtracks….

Through their career Attrition have worked with musicians as diverse as psychedelic veterans The Legendary Pink Dot’s to punk legend TV Smith to Franck Dematteis of the Paris Opera.

Attrition’s music has featured on countless releases – from 1984’s “Bullshit detector 3” on Crass records to the hugely successful “Animal liberation” album alongside Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Smiths, Nina Hagen & Lene Lovich etc…

Their song “Acid Tongue” featured on KTEL’s Industrial story CD – a who’s who of industrial music with Cabaret Voltaire, Throbbing Gristle, Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, Neubauten et al…

In Germany Orkus magazine’s Best of the 90’s collection featured their darkwave classic “A girl called harmony”…

Martin’s increasing studio production work at his studio, The Cage, has included mixes for The Damage Manual (Martin Atkins, Jah Wobble, Geordie Walker, Chris Connelly et al…), Die Form, In the Nursery, Black tape for a Blue girl, Mona Mur/En Esch and mastering for countless bands and labels…

He contributes synths and vocals on a song on the last Pigface album, is the narrators voice on US horror series, “C for Chaos”, has written the score to US horror film G.H.O.S.T from Mutantville productions …

Their most recent album, Millions of the Mouthless Dead (inspired by Martin’s grandfathers experiences on the Western Front in 1917) includes collaborations with Anni Hogan (known for her work with Marc Almond through the 80’s) and the legendary Wolfgang Flur (ex-Kraftwerk)…

ATTRITION are currently working on an all new album for release later in 2017

“Attrition have always been a nexus of industrial fury, gothic drama, ambient structural finesse and classical chamber orchestrations. Stunning in scope, character and intellect, Martin Bowes has been a paragon of true creative prowess, holding in two hands the past and future of music, and smashing them together with a calculated and charismatic menace. Bowes builds his dark industrial music with all the compassion and attention to detail of a classical musician…”


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Attrition Martin Bowes, Subterranea, Queen Witch



6th Annual Miss Vamp Hawaii Beauty Pageant – Sunday, October 23, 2016

Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Date: Sunday, October 23, 2016

ShowTime: 6pm

Place: Hawaii Theatre (1130 Bethel Street, Honolulu, Hi)


Miss Vamp Hawaii 2015 Mabsy

Mabsy Miss Vamp Hawaii 2015

Reigning Miss Vamp Hawaii 2015, Mabsy (Photos by Joe Marquez & Andi Gaspar)



FOR TICKETS: Go the Hawaii Theatre Box Office (1130 Bethel Street, Honolulu, HI 96813)
Hawaii Theatre is located between Hotel Street and Pauahi Street in downtown Honolulu/Chinatown. Box Office hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am to 5 pm; or 2 hours prior to any public performance. Or charge by phone:        808 528-0506

TICKETS ON SALE NOW ! Get your tickets now to reserve the best seats in the house !

Miss Vamp Hawaii is one of the most unique beauty pageants to ever grace the Hawaii Theatre stage and is held every year around the month of October to honor the beautiful, creative and unique women living in Hawaii. Similar to other Pageants, it features the traditional Q&A, a gown/costume competition, crowning the winners with sashes, trophies and prizes. It also features the “Moonlight Bathing Lingerie Competition,” the highlight of the evening, similar to the traditional beauty pageants’ bathing suit competitions.

“Vamp” is short for “Vampires” a symbol of timelessness as vampires are ageless and timeless and so are all women who are always beautiful no matter what age they are.  Miss Vamp Hawaii is open to all women starting from 18 years of age. It’s for all women, regardless of body type, weight, height and age. It celebrates women from all walks of life, cultures, various backgrounds, nationalities and interest. Miss Vamp Hawaii embraces love and beauty as “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and all women are beautiful and inner beauty accentuates outer beauty.

We look forward to seeing you at this ALL AGES event as we find out which contestant will be crowned Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016 ?  Please join Vampire Club in Paradise on Facebook:


If you are interested in running for next year’s Miss Vamp Hawaii 2017, please contact missvamphawaii@gmail.com

Here are the contestants running for Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016 (Photos by Joe Marquez) :

Amy Miss Vamp Hawaii

Amy_Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Angie Miss Vamp Hawaii

Angie Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Beau Miss Vamp Hawaii

Beau Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Becky Miss Vamp Hawaii

Becky Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Cherise Miss Vamp Hawaii

Cherise Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Dama Miss Vamp Hawaii

Dama Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Jenn Miss Vamp Hawaii

Jenn Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Liz Miss Vamp Hawaii

Liz Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Ni Miss Vamp Hawaii

Ni Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016


Tracy Miss Vamp Hawaii

Tracy Miss Vamp Hawaii 2016